You are your own Brand Ambassador

July 10, 2018by smitaa-nair0
6.You are your own brand ambassador

To leave a mark on this world is perhaps the most basic human desire. Every individual you have ever met, wants to create an impact. When you hear someone’s name, you conjure an emotional response associated with that personality. List down a feeling these names bring up

Donald trump _____________
Sachin Tendulkar_____________
Princess Diana_________________

Even though (chances are) we have never met these people. Based on their actions and what we have heard about them, we create a picture of them and how they would make us feel in person.

The same happens with each and every life that crosses our path. So essentially we are our own brand ambassadors. So when we think of ourselves in this manner, it becomes even more important to reflect upon our actions and behaviours. How can you become so strikingly great at what you do and who you are and what you stand for that everyone around you is blown away?

Here are 4 factors that will make your brand ME shine brighter than ever

  1. She is so cool

    A person who can keep her cool in the most chaotic situation is extremely rare and that makes this a much needed quality for a successful Brand Me. People are more inclined to share their deepest darkest secrets when they know that the response they will get is warm understanding rather than a judgment and verdict. So the next time things don’t go as planned, instead of panicking Be Cool, Keep Calm and Be Warm!

  2. She is a really nice person

    It used to be that being a really good, kind person had gone out of fashion and even considered boring, un-sexy and bland. Good news is being an honourable person is back in vogue. We are living in an age where a lot of what we grew up believing to be true, no longer holds water. There are so many examples of people who made it to the top, did something dishonourable and then lost everything. So when you rise above the crowd to show true integrity, authenticity and honour, you will create a brand that is unique and trustworthy.

  3. She is damn funny

    “Why so serious?” The happiest people are those who can laugh at themselves. Having a sense of humour about the things that annoy us or frustrate us actually works as a coping mechanism and is in fact a sign of psychological health. Humour is a great tool to make others feel good, to gain intimacy, to relieve stress and to create an increased feeling of wellbeing and optimism. So work on your funny bone and learn to see the lighter side of things.

  4. She is so real

    Fake it till you make it only works for so long. It’s very important to keep it real because sooner or later people can see through your BS. When you are asked for an opinion, give an honest one. Leadership is not about being like everyone else, it’s about being true to your own set of values, vision and imagination. Find out what separates you from the rest, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion because that is how you create a brand ME that’s unique.


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