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Life Was

A Question Mark

Early in my career, I felt incomplete while providing health solutions. I felt there was more to helping my patients. They needed a blend of mind + body + soul approach. My ever curious and explorative side nudged me to learn more advanced healing and psychology modalities.

All along this journey, I worked very hard to make my marriage work. During this time – at 22 years – dust started to settle on my childhood dream and societal conditioning made me believe that marriage, compromise, and adjustments are all for the woman. I lost my belief in my potential, became depressed and even suicidal. My dream became non-existent nor did I have the courage to stand up for myself.

Suicide Was Not a Solution

My marriage never worked from Day 1, although I made every effort to make it work. At 23 years of age as a mother of a beautiful baby girl – Riddhi – I was handling my day job, managing the toddler and dealing with depression.

My depression was so severe that I even planned suicide. Riddhi was my ray of hope and I kept asking myself, will my child get her mother’s love after my death, will she ever like to know that her mother committed suicide. These questions made me think and I kept postponing the suicide.

Passion Stroked & Rekindled

During this time, I met a friend who without knowing my situation unknowingly led me to an introspection and deep reflection.
That night was my turning point and I committed to standing up for myself and my dreams. I decided to overcome my depression and be an inspiration to my daughter and the world.
After going through numerous therapies and counseling sessions, I conquered depression and connected with my innate power.

Taking a Stand

In the process, I realized I wanted to help more women to stand up for themselves. I started to power my dream with an education in psychology and mental healing. I put in a lot of efforts to make my marriage work and finally got the awareness that few people are not meant to be together.

I took a bold step to move out of the marriage at the age of 26 years. With a 3.5-year-old daughter, INR 7000 per month as salary, a heavy baggage to deal and heal; I made a choice to live a dignified life.

I pursued education and learning. Learnt and practiced 18 different modalities in psychology, mind, healing, emotions, chakras, energies, relationships and business psychology.



Bolder Purpose!

I started my career again with coaching, mentoring, and training individuals as well as corporates. Touched more than 10,000 people, saw heartwarming transformations, and their amazing professional growth.

My dream now is to reach out to 1 million women by 2020 and 1 billion women by 2045.

Fast-forward 7 years, I have happily married again, have started my own company (Nurturing Lives), have a flourishing coaching practice along with training corporate employees. I have succeeded to be an inspiration to my daughter and the world. Set an example that divorce or marriage is not the end of a woman’s life, they can stand in their power and live their passion.

As an entrepreneur I am constantly faced with choices, set-backs, unknown territories and lack of support. I realised that if I was facing these challenges, so were many others and I decided to do something about it so others don’t have to be alone in this.

All these experiences have become the cornerstone for the system that I have created to help other entrepreneurs, especially women, to break through their limitations and create their own success stories.

If you want to achieve the life of your dreams and live your passion, do call me for any of the learning systems and I would love to work with you.

Take The Next Step

Release your mental brakes, unlock your true potential, drive your energy, relax, and enjoy your ride!

Take The Next Step

Release your mental brakes, unlock your true potential, drive your energy, relax, and enjoy your ride!


As a 360° Success Coach and Breakthrough Expert, Smitaa helps Women Entrepreneurs and Senior Women executives to create the life and success they desire for their health, career, relationships and finances.

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