How to Stay Relevant at Work

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2. How To Stay Relevant at work

Do you know quite often in life when we fall into a routine, we become habituated to certain patterns that no longer serve us and have actually become redundant. In the process they often miss out on the opportunity to better themselves and achieve more in life.

An average person follows this routine without ever questioning it- Get up in the morning , get ready , have breakfast, leave for work, report to your boss, pack up for the evening, commute back home, spend time with kids, Watch TV , eat dinner and back to bed in preparation for the next day.

If that sounds like you then ask yourself this. “How can I avoid falling into this trap and be better prepared to attract success in life and my career?”

Here’s 3 things you need to start doing

No. 1 Do Daily Internal Upgrade

No. 2 Do Regular Skill set upgrade

No. 3 Switch from “Default living” mode to “mindful living” mode

  1. Internal Upgradation Technology is constantly changing and every six months to a year products that are performing well are coming out with a better version of themselves. Version2.0 Version X

    Are you doing the self-work required to release Version2.0 of yourself?

    It’s important to know that upgradation should not be limited only to our careers. A 360° transformation in every aspect of yourself as a person is required which includes

    – Upgrading qualities, attitude, mind-set, approach
    – Polishing your leadership qualities to prepare yourself for a bigger role
    – Being a better human being today than you were yesterday

    Recommended exercise- Take a paper and write on top “How have I grown or improved as a person in the last one year?”

    List all the aspects of yourself you have improved in and all that you wish to target in the next one year

  2. Skills upgradation Upgrading your skills to keep abreast of the changing trends in your industry is essential. For most people the minute they leave school or college, their formal education ends there.

    THE FACT is that’s when the “Actual learning” starts. Most people find out that they don’t have the “Life skills” required to tackle the practical aspects of life and career that come from working in a corporate environment that is competitive and ever changing.

    Remember “YOU are the most important asset you have.”

    A common mistake people make is thinking they are secure in their current roles and industries. Truth is a lot of the top jobs today did not even exist a decade back. So in order to avoid becoming obsolete it’s important to evolve yourself to keep pace with the latest trends in your industry.

    Recommended exercise- Most successful people ask themselves this question” What will I lose If I don’t invest in this thing”. So answer this for yourself and find out where to start.

    Developing a mentality to invest in yourself and raise your intrinsic value. Take that course which you find interesting, learn a new language, pick up a forgotten hobby, sign up for a mentorship programme.

  3. Stop living life in “default “or auto mode People just get up in the morning and get to work. That’s the wrong way to live. By not allowing yourself time to process and plan your day, you lose out on the opportunity to improve upon yourself. It’s essential to develop “Morning rituals” that prepare you for your day ahead.

    I am part of the 5 Am club which means I wake up every day at 5 Am, spend time meditating, chanting, studying books and content related to work and practicing breathing exercises BEFORE I do anything else.

    Research has proven that people who are following their passion and taking some productive steps towards it are more focussed and also enjoy their jobs more than their peers who don’t. Therefore, it’s important to dedicate few hours a week doing something constructive about your passion.

    Recommended exercise – Create your own daily rituals that help you feel better and more prepared like affirmations, breathing exercises, meditation and see the difference in your overall productivity.


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