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July 10, 2018by smitaa-nair0

Sharing some “Timeless Wisdom” from one of my favourite authors, Robin Sharma on the importance of being aligned with your true self . Happy Weekend.

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“One must not only do things right – one must also do the right things”
Robin S Sharma

How to get aligned with your true self

How you define success may vary as per the society you live in and your set of values. In the world of social media there is a growing need to define success for our own selves. rather than comparing ourselves with other (and feeling miserable about your life).

An important aspect that can help you do that is “Character Congruency” In his book Timeless Wisdom, Robin S Sharma talks about the 7 eternal laws for Mental Mastery. Briefly these are listed as Law of Subjective reality , Law of Like Attraction, Law of Dharma, Law of Karma, Law of Conditioned Gratitude, Law of Egolessness and Law of Character Congruency. The importance of being true to self is described by the law of character congruency which states “ High achievement, peace of mind, joy and a lasting sense of well being can only come when what you do is consistent with who you are

So to be true to yourself, you must first be in alignment with your true self. Here are 3 things we must do in order to achieve this state of being.

    1. Listen to your heart

      When you think about it, don’t we already know what it takes to be successful or healthy or fulfilled? Yet, how many of us really listen to this inner voice that tells us “To take of yourself” “eat healthy” “Don’t worry too much”. So find a daily practice that allows you to tap into this inner wisdom. Find a life coach, who can act as that voice of reason. Once you start trusting your choices, you will naturally start leading a life that’s true to who you are, and get closer to creating a life that you always dreamed of.

    2. Walk the talk

      “What you do, is who you are” Often, we see people who are extremely knowledgeable and “successful”, yet they lack the ability to connect with others. Theoretical knowledge can only take you so far, only when you start to apply your knowledge/ideas in every area of your life, can you really see things moving. There will also be critics who question you as you set your own path – DON’T listen to them. Any great work takes time. If they are fortunate enough to know you a decade from now, they will see how sticking to your beliefs will definitely transform your life for the better.

    3. Find a role model

      Make a list of people and personalities that you look up to. What values do they have, that you can imbibe? If we focus on internalising one aspect of their personality at a time or one new healthy habit, it will have the cumulative effect of transforming our core. Pretty soon, you too will be role model for those around you.

      If you feel like you are stuck and can do with some support, then write to me. Feel free to comment and share this with someone who needs it.

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