Be a No More Excuses Champion
And Live The Life You Desire

12-Month Intensive Intervention

I am not ready yet
I don’t know how to do it
I am not enough
I have no money
I don’t have the time

I am going to do it anyway. Let’s Go!!
1-on-1 Coaching

Redefine the leader in you. Create the New YOU.

Step 1

Discover yourself. Get to know the Child in you

Step 2

Define & Create definite concrete Goals & Vision

Step 3

Introspect & Find blockages that are obstructing You

Step 4

Create practical, executable steps to achieve your Dream

Step 5

Do serious Inner Journey & get the entire thrash out

Step 6

Get Comfortable with Change & have Fun also

Step 7

Maintain inner work & allow results to show

Step 8

Be unstoppable. Breakthrough your limitations

2 Day Workshops

Cultivate Awareness, Take Massive Action,
and Be that Magic Trick

Raising Future Leaders

Break-through the Brake

Network your way to Success

Discover your Energy Quotient

Put an End to the Money Block

Step Outside your Comfort Zone

Experience 360 Degree Success

Discover Shrepreneurs Parenting

Gemini Dhar
An epitome of strength and power, she is ever compassionate
Gemini Dhar, Take Charge Expert and Author

Smitaa is a driving force any women will love to associate with. She empowers people with her tools and her words. An epitome of strength and power, she is ever compassionate and understanding towards her clients.

She has it all that helps you create success in all spheres of life.
It’s been an absolute pleasure to see her empower women.

Keynotes & Seminars

Imprint that WOW factor with our
Corporate Events and Training Engagements

Break through Fears

Disrupt Complacency

Infuse Fresh Energy

Push Sales & Profits

Power New Perspectives

Skyrocket Motivation & Morale

Create an AHA moment

Get your teams to speed

Transform your relationships! Attract 360 degree success!

As a 360° Success Coach and Breakthrough Expert, Smitaa helps Women Entrepreneurs and Senior Women executives to create the life and success they desire for their health, career, relationships and finances.

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