How to Stay Relevant at Work

January 30, 2019
2. How To Stay Relevant at work

Do you know quite often in life when we fall into a routine, we become habituated to certain patterns that no longer serve us and have actually become redundant. In the process they often miss out on the opportunity to better themselves and achieve more in life. An average person follows this routine without ever...

January 30, 2019

One thing that unites all businesses is “competition” which has both an upside (makes you want to do better) and a downside (Makes you nervous, unsure, envious, and filled with fear) Like everything else, your ability to deal with competition also stems from your belief systems and the values you hold. If you’re subconscious believes...

July 10, 2018
6.You are your own brand ambassador

To leave a mark on this world is perhaps the most basic human desire. Every individual you have ever met, wants to create an impact. When you hear someone’s name, you conjure an emotional response associated with that personality. List down a feeling these names bring up Donald trump _____________ Sachin Tendulkar_____________ Princess Diana_________________ Even...

July 10, 2018
4.Overcoming Shame and it's toxic effects

Whilst there are a lot of reasons one might feel shame and experience its toxic effects such as those caused by body image, socio-economic status and mental health(to name a few), a common dilemma most women face is related to motherhood and career. In many ways society views motherhood and womanhood as one and the...


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