12 Month Intervention Backup

"The Proven System that makes You a No Excuses Champion. Now Live a Life of your Choice!"

If you want to get unstuck…
Make much more money in much less time…
Have mutually enriching and happier relationships…
Improve your soul health and body health too,
Have fun creating momentum in your career…

All in the next

Then we have made this specifically for YOU…

Introducing NO MORE EXCUSES!

Know this: You have only these 2 choices – Make excuses or Make progress

I am not ready
I am not enough
I have no money
I don’t have the time
I don’t know how to do it
I am going to do it anyway. Let’s Go!!

When you implement our NMX secrets, we guarantee sustainable results in your health, your career, your relationship and your finances.

This 12-month programme will empower you to live a joyful, passionate, abundant, and successful life. Like the alumni of the NMX tribe; you too,
will stay laser-focused, hack time and growth, and live the life of your choice.

NO MORE EXCUSES is designed to help you;

Become decisive
and confident

So That You

Create A Positive chosen
shift in any are of your life

Repair past

So That You

Can cultivate harmonious relationships
that nurture your soul and theirs
and have more joy in life

Stay unaffected by
other’s judgments

So That You

Listen to your inner voice, follow
your path and not some else’s.

Break free from barriers
and self-created limitations

So That You

Run out of excuses for not taking action,
Become bolder and formidable.

Boost your

So That You

Step into your own greatness, achieve
unlimited growth and success

Break down
your fears

So That You

Start living in the present, aware of
its limitless potential and take calculative
risks essential for your success

Is this really for you?

Are you a dreamer, strong-willed, want to make a difference, want to break free from the rules conditioned by society or parents or self? Do you want to shine at work? BUT you have an excuse for everything that doesn’t work out. AND NOW, you want to achieve your goals and soar higher. If yes, Welcome to my NMX tribe, my Women Power.

Winners who managed to find true happiness are the ones
who have stopped making excuses in life.


12 months. And the good news is… You can hop in any month.

What does it include?

9 Weekend Workshops

Every month the participants of NMX will meet for a 2 Full day workshop that will break your patterns, shed your limitations and empower you to take control of your life and set you on the path to self-transformation.

3 Power Meets

The group meets for a 3-hour session to discuss progress, learn new tools and realign their goals. The power meets will also include Masterclass with experts from different fields like finance, energy healing etc.

9 Video Meets

The group meets for a 1-hour session to discuss progress and clear doubts.

Bonus Offer:

  • 3 Free 1-On-1 sessions with Smitaa for clarity, strategy, & personal support.
  • 1 Free session with an EQ Engineer to personalize essences that will resolve your emotional blocks
  • Bi-monthly assignments for enhancing your progress and keeping you on track.
  • 3 Journals on topics like Relationship, Health, and Money
  • 3 Video/Audio Modules on achieving your life goals so that you journal with ease
  • 7 Meditation CD’s to silent your mind and connect you to your deeper wisdom
  • 60-day action deck to guide you achieve and sustain your results.
  • 60-day accountability log – to track your progress

What others say
about us

We help our clients create more love, happiness and success through marriage
counseling and relationship coaching, life coaching, and individual therapy.

I wish I’d have known of her services upon leaving college. I would have spent much less time in a professional funk!


Still thinking…Well…

Let me share a Fact with you…

Fact: We all do it. Yes! We have all learnt to defend our actions,
blame others for our failures, rationalize our bad habits,defend
our misguided beliefs, and indulge our fears and doubts.

Truth is you are not tired, you are uninspired.

The truth is, one of the best excuses we make is, “I am only Human”. And that’s actually true. Yet. There is a way to release your true potential as a human. You are not JUST a human; you are a unique being, who has come to this world, at this time, under these circumstances, to do what only YOU can do. When you believe in that truth, you will no longer look for excuses; you will look for a way to fulfill your mission.



Here’s some thought working questions?

  • Will you be happy with an average and mediocre life?
  • Is compromising on your dreams or failure okay with you?
  • What if you were able to create a dream life of your choice?
  • Will taking certain decisions in life, transform your life?
  • Do you want to feel empowered and in charge of your life?
  • What if you took some action on your dreams right now?

As a 360° Success Coach and Breakthrough Expert, Smitaa helps Women Entrepreneurs and Senior Women executives to create the life and success they desire for their health, career, relationships and finances.

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